Awesome / Wakko's Wish

  • Buttons, Rita and Runt fighting off Plotz and Ralph, with an exploding elixir no less!
  • The scene when Pharfignewton saves Pinky, Brain and the Goodfeathers from a Disney Villain Death.
  • It's small but, when the people of Acme Falls are being penned up by the kings men. While just about everyone else is despondent, Buttons looks like he's ready to take on the entire army if they so much as try to harm Mindy. Papa Wolf indeed!
  • Dot brilliantly faking her own death to get King Salazar arrested.
  • Wakko making his wish... two ha'pennies!
  • Can we just talk about that despite the fact that longtime series composer Richard Stone was dangerously ill with the pancreatic cancer that ended up killing him in 2001, he nonetheless continued work on this movie and lived long enough to see it finished. Handicapped Badass or what?
  • Yakko, Wakko, and Dot finally getting rid of Salazar — by triple-kicking him in the ass, causing him to land in front of his own angry guard dogs.