Funny / Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

  • On "Mama's Identity": The Imagine Spot of Ralph and Harry being treated as sex objects in a world where women treat men like the lesser sex, first as Playboy bunnies/cigarette girls in a fancy restaurant, then as beauty contest winners.
  • In "Alice's Dress," Harry tries to explain to Alice why it's a bad idea to wear a dress with a see-through top (and no bra) to a fancy dinner event, and Alice counters by telling him that people of his generation condemn risque clothes because they're ashamed of their bodies. So what does Harry do to show Alice that she's going to embarrass herself (and, by proxy, the whole family) by wearing the see-through dress? Decides to go to the dinner in an undershirt, boxers, and sock garters.
    • From the same episode, Irma and Harry being bombarded with racy ads featuring scantily-clad women and women making out with men on TV.
    • Harry insulting Chet's proposed outfit for the fancy dinner (a mod-style striped jacket with plaid pants).