Funny / Wakfu

  • Season 1 episode 3: Pretty much everything involving the Black Raven between his initial appearance and the fight. Especially the bit where he gets distracted by the critiques of his name, and later when he ruins the reveal of his identity by getting his helmet stuck.
  • Season 1 episode 4: One of the princesses asks Evangelyne what her curse is; right at that moment, Eva trips on her heels and takes a long fall down the stairs of the tower. After the crashing noises finally end, the princess remarks, "Wow, that's no two-bit curse!"
  • Season 1 episode 6: Vampyro's flashy entrance.
  • Season 1 episode 7: At the end of the episode, Amalia offers the others a rose as thanks. Seeing as the whole conflict of the episode was because of a monster rose, their immediate reaction is to slap it to the ground and stomp/whack/shoot the everliving bejeezus out of it.
  • Season 1 episode 8
    • The entire sequence of Yugo convincing his teammates to help Xav.
    • Also, the fact that the episode contains a bread golem. Called the "Breadnought".
  • Season 1 episode 9, "Ruel's Bag": Ruel's DDR Pad used to enter his house.
  • Season 1 episode 10: Eva holding back Amalia while she screams at the shopkeeper.
    Amalia: I am a Sadida princess! If I wanted to, I could buy your whole shop! Even the whole street!
    • Meanwhile, Ruel is shouting at the boat seller he's dealing with while being held back by Yugo and Pinpin.
    Ruel: If there wasn't a child here, I'd show you how I use my shovel!
    • Yugo startles Ruel and it's pretty damn funny
  • Season 1 episode 12, "Gobbowl Hell III"
    • Jay's crush on Evanglyne in Part III. ALL OF IT: The Ocular Gushers when he's told by Kriss Krass to attack her and his Imagine Spot of what he thinks their wedding would be like (complete with the Gobbowl Announcer as the minister and a suprise obstacle).
    • The backstories the announcer makes up for Yugo, Evangelyne and Amalia: Yugo's a schoolyard bully, Eva's a dancer trying to be taken seriously and Amalia is named after a species of foot fungus. Which is apparently real and Amalia thinks Evangelyne told them about it.
    • After the other team bribes the judges:
    Amalia: Cheating is sport?
    Ruel: In Gobbowl, cheating is normal.
    Sadlygrove: Then why aren't we cheating?
    Ruel: Because we're broke.
    • Kriss Krass's over-the-top imagine spot about losing his standing in Gobbowl, complete with an adult Yugo having two women on each arm.
    • Ruel screwing over the boat seller at the end when he gives him a sack full of kamas that later turns out to actually be filled with brass nails! The real gutbuster is this however:
    Ruel: Row, row, row your boat! Gently down the stream! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, I got a boat for free!
  • Season 1 episode 13: While this is the point in the season where things start getting serious and most of the episode is shot like a horror movie, there's still a few winning moments:
    • Evangelyne going into an evil laugh when she claims that she'll beat Ruel at dice and make him do all the chores on the boat.
    • After Ruel mysteriously goes missing, Evangelyne suggests that maybe he's just on the toilet. A moment later Amalia screams. Yugo and Evangelyne run over to her to ask what's wrong, and...
    Amalia: I just imagined Ruel on the toilet!
  • Season 1 episode 16: Ruel prays to Enutrof for a miracle and promises him to double his offerings in return. Cue a bright light shining down on him from the heavens and a voice saying:
    Enutrof: Two times zero still equals zero. You can get lost, old skinflint...
  • Season 1 episode 18: When the group are walking through the snow, one set of footprints leads off to the side, to a drawing in the snow and back.
  • Season 1 episode 22: Rubilax takes sight of Goultard, stops right on his tracks and tries to inconspicuously shuffle away while apologizing to him.... while in a massive, demonic sand-worm body. (Then at the end of Season 2, we see why.)
  • A bath toy Scenery Censor is nothing new, but when the toy in question is a rubber ducky wearing an UNBELIEVABLY smug expression it goes from "run-of-the-mill" to "gut-bustingly hilarious."
  • Season 2 episode 3: Remington Smisse looting every Shushu in sight.
  • Season 2 episode 5: The entire dungeon crawling sequence, particularly the bit at the beginning where Sadlygrove is explaining how he has experience with this sort of thing and tries to give advice, only for everyone else to plow ahead without him... and get turned into pigs. Their embarrassed expressions when they emerge in pig form are amazing.
    • The sheer amount of puns (pig-based or otherwise) made in the final segment must also be appreciated.
  • Season 2 episode 6: Amalia looks for her father and goes to the garden where he meditates. There she finds Ruel and Alibert, who tell her he's not there while looking nervous and suspicious... and looking panicked at a conspicuous plant growth in the corner that ends up housing the king... who tries to pass it off as a practical joke with fake laughing, along with Alibert and Ruel, as Amalia just stares at them deadpan, not buying it for a second. The best part is the king's "Oh, crap, she found me!" face right after Amalia dissipates his disguise.
  • Season 2 episode 10: Kriss Krass's trial. Brâkmar's trials are treated like sporting events, with large crowds and people selling souvenirs in the stands. The trial is entirely rigged with Kriss being charged of... promoting Bontarian Gobbowl, a bwork is impersonating his mother, and Kriss' lawyer is asleep the whole time and only wakes up to tell a brief and completely unrelated joke.
  • Season 2 episode 11: Ruel as a cheerleader. Nuff Said.
    • Sadlygrove and Evangelyne who is disguised as a man have a romantic moment in the middle of the boufball field, which mesmerizes the audience and prompts a slow song to play in the background.
  • Season 2 episode 18: Ruel glancing back and forth between Cleo and Eva. The family resemblance is obvious, but while Cleo is smiling with a hand on her hip, Eva is just hunched over with her arms crossed while wearing the surliest expression imaginable.
  • Season 2 episode 22: Ruel staring thoroughly at a map to make sure he read it correctly. He never stops staring at it throughout the episode even during fights and while being thrown into the air.
  • Season 2 episode 24: The Shushu army is advancing on the new Sufokia fleet, with the latter understandably freaking out...while Prince Adale calmly sips tea, wondering where these new monsters appeared from like it's no big deal.
  • OVA Episode 1: Tristepin's failed attempts at proposing to Evangeline. First he startles her during archery practice, causing her to accidentally freeze-arrow an innocent critter. Next he's interrupted by Evangeline telling him she's pregnant and promptly faints. On attempt number three he gets vomited on by his infant daughter in mid-proposal, leading him to proclaim that he's under a curse. Finally, with Elely backing him up, he tries again...only for Flopin to kill the moment by shooting down a passing bird that turns out to be a shapeshifted Otomai. Elely decides that maybe he was right about the curse...
  • OVA Episode 2: On the rocky trip back from Frigost, after Tristepin has discovered he's the Lop God, Evangeline reassures him...with the sounds of a car-sick Amalia retching in the background.
  • OVA Episode 3:
    • We finally see what Sadlygrove was trying to give Eva when he proposed. Only a Iop would get married with a set of Wedding Knuckle-Dusters.
    • Sadlygrove provides some astounding Gallows Humor when congratulating Otomai for removing the Dofus from Ogrest.
    Sadlygrove: I can't applaud because of my arm, but my heart is with you.