YMMV: Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

  • Animation Age Ghetto: Can you believe that reruns of this used to air on Cartoon Network (long before the advent of the similarly themed [adult swim] block, to boot)?
  • Values Dissonance: To an extent, Cartoon Network's sibling channel, Boomerang. The content of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home should easily garner it a TV-PG rating (it would have if Cartoon Network aired it, especially these days, where you have shows like Regular Show and Adventure Time airing proudly with a TV-PG rating), but when Boomerang last screened it, a "TV-Y7" rating was given. Back in the early 1970s, it (much as The Simpsons was in its early days) was criticized for being a cartoon [animation has long been a medium allegedly meant for children] with adult content.
    • Having said this, it should be noted that the show was originally designed for and for the most part aired in the new 7:30 family slot.
    • Some of the show's handling of feminism (especially the episode where Irma gets a job at a law firm and the younger, prettier secretary is treated better than the older, plainer Irma), and population control ("Expectant Papa") would be either this or Values Resonance.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: This show is best described as All in the Family: The Animated Series. Too bad most people at the time saw cartoons as being kiddie fare (which is true in a lot of cases, but in this case, it wasn't). It wouldn't be until The Simpsons came along in the late 1980s for people to see the light.