Funny: Vulpine

  • Orochimaru orders the resurrected Fourth Hokage to kill Naruto. So what does he do? Puts up a smokescreen around him and Naruto and decides to kill Naruto via old age. Loophole Abuse at its finest.
    • To be fair to the Fourth, Naruto did have a three-tail chakra cloak up at the time. The Fourth even tells him to keep it up, as it was the only reason the loophole worked.
  • When Itachi tries to collect Naruto, Naruto claims that no, he's not the Kyuubi's container, he's just a big fan. It's not clear if Itachi believes him or not.
    • Honestly, the whole of Naruto and Itachi's first meeting counts, from the beginning to the end. It started ridiculously (Naruto pretending to be a cosplayer of himself), continued to be ridiculous (Itachi using Tsukuyomi on Kisame repeatedly and off-handedly as he continued talking with Sasuke), and ended in the same vein (Itachi exchanging pleasantries and then running away with Kisame hoisted over his shoulder). And then Sasuke explains how he could come there when he should be on duty.
    Sasuke: Taking leave for a family bereavement. I checked, and you get a day for every dead family member. I have almost a year stored up.
  • Sasuke runs after Itachi, like canon. so Kakashi tricks Gai into going after him.
    Kakashi: Gai! Let us have a youthful challenge over which one of us can catch my youthful subordinate first!
    Gai: Yosh! *jumps through the wall after Sasuke*
    Asuma: Aren't you basically bedridden?
    Kakashi: I suppose that means he's going to win then. Good thing I speak Youth."
  • Pamphlets. Everybody has pamphlets to describe nearly everything they want to talk about. Naruto gets asked about his summons? Pamphlets. Itachi wants to warn Naruto about Akatsuki? Pamphlets. Some shinobi printing company is rolling in money.
  • The aftermath of Kakashi's bell test. Kakashi is covered with a lot of various stuff from Naruto's pranks (fluorescent orange paint, tar, jam, etc.), declines Naruto's offer to let him help get rid of it, and uses a technique he knows for making himself clean ... only for Sakura to dispel his Henge off-handedly.
    Kakashi: Monsters.
    • Also, he immediately puts another 17 Henge on himself just to stop Sakura from being able to dispel it again.
  • Kakashi searched for Gato in the bingo book. Why? Because Inari was being annoying and Naruto suggested doing that.
    Naruto: Hmm. What's his signature ninjutsu? Does he use genjutsu? Is he a taijutsu master?
  • Neji was so out of it after what Naruto did to him that he didn't even notice the invasion happening.
  • Tsunade getting a therapy from one of Naruto's fox summons to get her over her fear of blood.
    Niyi: So, tell me about your mother.
  • Orochimaru's men "stole" Neji from Konoha. Because someone this rigid cannot be "kidnapped".
  • Gaara's slogan as the Kazekage:
    It makes sense, I can use the entire desert as a weapon. Also all the other Kazekage have Ichibi-based powers too, I cut out the middleman.