Funny / To Be or Not to Be

  • In the original 1942 film, there's a hilarious moment where Greenberg tells the very hammy Ravitch, "What you are, I could not eat."
  • Towards the end of the film when the Poles have fled to England and parachuted from their plane, Bronski (still disguised as Hitler) comes out of a haystack before two stunned Britons. One comments to his friend, "First it was Hess — now him!"
  • In the remake, Bronski (still disguised as Hitler), strolls into an English pub.
    Bronski: Excuse me, is this England?
    Waitress: Oh my GOD!
  • Also from the remake, the multiplying Jewish refugees.
    Bronski: Are they Jews or rabbits?!
  • Bronski gets in bed with Sobinsky, and snuggles with him.
    Bronski: You need a coat, you need a dress, you need shoes... and you need a shave. (beat) A shave?!
  • "For the purposes of clarity and sanity, the remainder of this film will NOT be in Polish!"