Awesome / To Be or Not to Be

  • The scene at the end of the 1983 Mel Brooks movie where the actors use the cover of a clown sketch to help the Jews they've been helping to hide to escape. Right under the noses of a bunch of uniformed Nazi soldiers.
    • And then comes a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: When an elderly woman begins to panic (since she's standing in the middle of a theater full of Nazis), one of the clowns goes back and turns the panic into part of the sketch, by stealing a Nazi's hat, pretending to be Gestapo, slapping Stars of David on them, and ordering them out, allowing him to get the woman and her husband out. The ingenious clown? Sasha, who barely escaped getting put in a camp himself.
    • Bronski pushing a painting of Hitler askew as he's kicked out of his house.
  • From the original film, dressing up as Hitler and ordering two German soldiers to jump out of a plane to their deaths.