Funny / Thir13en Ghosts

  • This little nugget:
    Dennis: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Where are you going!?
    Arthur: We're going downstairs to get Bobby so we can get out of here.
    Dennis: Did I say there was a petting zoo downstairs!? NO! There are ghosts downstairs!
    Maggie: This basement?
    Dennis: YES this basement! If it was the basement next door I wouldn't give a shit!
  • And this:
    Dennis: [after having spent a considerable amount of time trying to explain the situation to a bemused Arthur] Ghosts, Arthur. I used to - I used to hunt ghosts with your uncle Cyrus.
    Arthur: [beat] ...Goats?
    Dennis: [utterly exasperated] GHOSTS! Ghosts, goddammit!
  • We also get this after Kalina calls Dennis out for helping Cyrus capture the ghosts in the first place.
    Kalina: You stole peopleís souls for money! How depraved is that?!
    Dennis: If you havenít noticed... IíM A LITTLE BIT OF A FREAK!!! I come within ten feet of anything dead, I go into seizures! I touch somebody, and a whole life full of shit just flashes in front of my eyes!
  • One of the more Black Comedy examples isnít even in the movie itself: one of the special features on the DVD gives a short backstory on each of the ghosts, all narrated by Cyrus. The one backstory Iím thinking of in particular is that of The Bound Woman. In short, she was a Rich Bitch who constantly toyed with menís hearts. On the night of the Senior Prom, her then boyfriend, the star player of their high schoolís football team, caught her cheating on him. Two weeks after that, her body was found buried in the schoolís football field. Her boyfriend was put on death row for her murder, and his last words were: ďThe bitch broke my heart, so I broke her neckĒ. Itís Cyrusí deadpan delivery of the line that makes it so funny.