Funny / The Zeta Project

  • Agent West tends to generate these whenever he appears.
  • In episode 6, Zeta is at a hotel messing with Ro's hair via holograms while she decides how she likes each one (She hates all of them). When Zeta questions the point of the game, Ro tells him it's just for fun, that he has to stop and smell the roses once in a while. After Zeta fails to understand this expression, Ro explains she's talking about relaxing, he holograms his normal appearance with blue clown hair, looks in the mirror with a completely straight face, and says in his normal neutral way: "I still don't get it."
  • The entire existence of the pro free space travel hippies is this, but a few gems include:
    Space hippie: (To Zeta) Personally, I think you're an alien.
    Later in the episode, the same guy: Let him (Zeta) go, man! He needs to phone home!
  • Ro constantly referring to Hillsburg as Hicksburg.
  • During Hillsburg, Zeta in his action hero Adam Heat disguise. He kisses Tiffy right away.
    Ro: What did you do that for?!
    Zeta: Adam Heat only ever seems to punch people or kiss them. I decided kissing sounded nicer.
  • Agent Bennett and Agent Lee's deadpan nature towards everything.
    West: I'm back.
    Bennett: I'll take us to red alert.
    • And
    Agent Lee, having just been saved by Zeta: I have to go save my partner. Bye.
  • Zeta finds "an early electrical device called a lightbulb" and says that they caused a lot of people to be upset... because nobody could remember on how many people it took to change them.
  • "Cabin Pressure" has Bucky sending a threatening letter demanding a sugar-free breakfast cereal to have its sugar restored in the beginning.
  • Zeta imitating Ro's voice in "The Accomplice". Made funnier by his facial expression while doing it and Ro's unamused response.
    • The way she tells him "Please don't do that", it resembles a mother telling her son in a deadpan voice not to do something at the dinner table.
  • "Taffy Time" is basically a bounter-hunter episode, taking place at a candy factory!