Funny / Static Shock

  • Static Shock had a lot of great moments, but there were several in "Future Shock". Right when Static is teleported to the future, he ends up in the Batcave and is attacked by Terry McGinnis.
    Static: Batman's not going to be happy about how you're treating his guests.
    Terry: First off, we don't have guests here. Second off, I'm Batman.
    Static: Yeah, and I'm Beyoncé.
    • Later, as Bruce comes in to stop their fight:
      Terry: You know this kid? He says his name is Beyoncé.
    • The future Gear let himself go. When Static returns to the present, he tells Gear he should lay off the fries.
  • In the second episode where Static stops Hotstreak for the second time, by using what he thought was an underground water main.
    Static: Lucky thing that water main was there.
    Richie: Uh, Virg, that wasn't a water main, it was a sewer line.
    Static: (sniffs the air) ... I think Static's work here is done.
  • Another occurs in "Now You See Him...", when Static and Gear are trying to safely land a falling plane:
    Gear: (over the Shock Vox) I'm going to try to land on Woodward Avenue.
    Static: There are cars down there!
    Gear: I know... this thing got a horn?
    • Then, after they land the plane, hitting a car in the process:
      Static: Isn't that your dad's car?
      Gear: Aaaah! (pauses, then he realizes Static is pulling his leg)
      Static: Gotcha.
  • "Out of Africa" featuring the immortal "I too have often wondered about the stripes".
    • The scenes in his two appearances where the African hero Anansi is mistaken for another spider-based superhero... though he does seem pretty good-natured about it.
      Virgil: Hit him with a web blast! (doing the web-ball gesture)
      Anansi: I'm not that kind of spider.
      • And the gag continues in "Out of Africa":
        Gear: Whoa! So, you're the spider guy. I expected you to swing in on a web.
        Anansi: I get that a lot.
    • Anansi uses his illusion powers to disguise Virgil and himself as doctors. Virgil says, "You have no idea how happy you've made my Pops."
  • Virgil has confided in Richie about a certain secret — not his Secret Identity, just the fact that A. J. McLean is in town (in "Duped"). Richie blabs to Daisy at school, who posts it on the school website. Virgil, at home, goes to log onto the school website, and Richie — whom we have last seen at school, being offered a cheeseburger — explodes through Virgil's bedroom door, right as Virgil turns on his computer. Watch it here (key scene starts at 2:08).
  • Virgil has just awakened in the Batcave where Alfred is tending to his wounds ("Hard as Nails").
    Virgil: Who're you?
    Alfred: Batman.
    Virgil: I don't think so.
    Alfred: Just once I'd like someone to believe that.
  • From "She-Bang", Hotstreak's overreaction to watching a bad movie includes setting fire to the cinema
    Hotstreak: It's wrong, it's all wrong! The movie stinks! I give it two thumbs down! (the scene even zooms in on him doing the gesture)
    Static:You can't go wrecking other people's property just because you ain't feeling the movie.
    Hotstreak: Have you seen it? Somebody has got to send a message!
  • From "A League of Their Own", when Static is asked to recharge the Watchtower.
    Gear: Ooh, ooh, ooh! Can I come too?
    Hawkgirl: This isn't a field trip.
    Gear: Please ohh please! You can stuff me in the stowaway bin, and when I get up there, I'll stand in the corner. You can choose which one!
    Hawkgirl: Hey! Remember your promise about staying in the corner!
    Gear: B-but-!
    Hawkgirl: In. The. Corner.
    Gear: Aww...
  • Richie (recently gifted with Super Intelligence) being challenged to solve a ridiculously hard equation in "Gear".
    Richie: Four over Pi.
    Teacher: Perhaps, Mr. Foley, if you paid more atten-uh! Huh?
    Richie: The answer. Four over Pi.
    Teacher: (checks the equation) Uh, yes, but, how did you know? (everyone then turns to look at Richie)
    Richie: (sheepishly) Uh... lucky guess?
  • From "Toys in the Hood". Superman saves Static and Gear from a giant robot monkey attack, and later Clark Kent interviews Virgil and Richie about it. When Virgil says that Superman might have helped Static a little, Clark Kent responds by asking where Virgil and Richie were when it happened. Virgil and Richie both go into contradictory explanations, with Virgil's ending in "...and that's why you're such a good reporter!", and Richie's involving a dispute over what the definition of "it" is.
  • This exchange regarding the fake metahuman Starburst. Made funnier by the fact that Richie is an actual genius.
    Virgil: Whatever I throw at him, he throws back but stronger! It's almost as though he's feeding off me. Hey, maybe he's not a metahuman!
  • Static's first exchange with Edwin Alva, Jr.'s new super villain persona.
    Static: Who are you?
    Omnifarious: Omnifarious!
    Static: You're nefarious?
  • Virgil's secret base. Since he's a broke teenager, he can't afford an elaborate underground HQ or an arctic getaway. Instead he has the Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude.
    Richie: So what do you think?
    Virgil: (non-plussed) ... I think this place needs to be renovated before it even qualifies as a dump.
    Richie: C'mon V, use your imagination! Right now, this may be an old, run-down, rat-infested-
    Virgil: RAT-INFESTED!?
    Richie: We'll set traps.
  • In "Frozen Out" Richie gives Virgil a rousing speech about how being a superhero is a full-time job and that he has to be vigilant when he was complaining about everything he has to deal with. Virgil admits he's right and should suck it up, just before Richie excuses himself since his shift was done.
    Virgil: This holiday's a real drag, with all the shopping and the family stuff, not to mention the ice princess!
    Richie: V, you're a superhero! You work 24-7, not 9 to 5! You've got to be vigilant! Tireless! Dedicated!
    Virgil: Sigh... you're right...
    Richie: And on that note, I'm out of here!
    Virgil: Wha-!? What happened to tireless and dedicated!?
    Richie: I wasn't talking about me.
  • Detective Bullock somehow mistook Static for Robin.
    Bullock: What the heck did Robin do to his hair?