Awesome / The Zeta Project

  • The Infiltration Unit Seven (I.U.7) is some major Automaton. The guy is a total Determinator! (not to be confused with that other determinator), though there are similarities.
  • The occasionaly annoying Playful Hacker Bucky, the tech-wizard.
  • Agent Bennett going Papa Wolf over his son and despite being a Perpetual Frowner giving one of his total of two smiles to his son when he's okay.
  • Lee fighting a Bounty Hunter with her hands cuffed. She gets recaptured, but she certainly put up a fight. How Zeta gets her out of the situation is equally awesome and extremely clever.
  • Lee's actions in the second season as she cements her status as both a good guy and the Only Sane Man of her group.
  • The people in Hillsburg seeing what a good person Zeta is and directing the NSA in the wrong direction. While one person offers said wrong direction, not one person in a crowd of people says a thing to contradict him.
  • In "Crime Waves", while rescuing Wade, Zeta wordlessly reveals to him that he's a robot. Wade, who usually abuses his robot servants and thinks robots in general are useless, is stunned.
  • In "Ro's Reunion", towards the end, the producer learns that her assistant has been making money by turning in runaway orphans who come on the show. The assistant (and a crooked social worker) hire actors to pretend to be the orphans' lost loved ones, then sends them back. But once the producer catches wind of this, she fires her assistant.
    • Doubles as Heartwarming, but she also makes a public apology to everyone on the show who was tricked by this cruel scam behind her back. And she wants to bring every orphan who came on the show back so she can truly help them find their families. There's a chance that some of these kids' families may be outright dead, but that doesn't stop her from trying to make amends.