Awesome / The Zeta Project

  • The Infiltration Unit Seven (I.U.7) is some major Automaton. The guy is a total Determinator! (not to be confused with that other determinator), though there are similarities.
  • The occasionaly annoying Playful Hacker Bucky, the tech-wizard.
  • Agent Bennett going Papa Wolf over his son and despite being a Perpetual Frowner giving one of his total of two smiles to his son when he's okay.
  • Lee fighting a Bounty Hunter with her hands cuffed. She gets recaptured, but she certainly put up a fight. How Zeta gets her out of the situation is equally awesome and extremely clever.
  • Lee's actions in the second season as she cements her status as both a good guy and the Only Sane Man of her group.
  • The people in Hillsburg seeing what a good person Zeta is and directing the NSA in the wrong direction. While one person offers said wrong direction, not one person in a crowd of people says a thing to contradict him.