Funny / The Tudors

  • Usually Henry roaring something along the lines of "I'm the King of England!" is either awesome or terrifying. But in "Look To God First", where first his request that Catherine accept the alternative to an annulment and then his professions of love and hope for their future to Anne are rejected, all it sounds like is him going "Oh, COME ON! Can't ONE thing go right for me?
  • Thomas Wyatt telling Thomas Cranmer: "A poet is the least of my sins. You can take my confession after supper." Then Thomas Cromwell chimes in with: "I wouldn't, it would turn your hair white."
  • "Go back to your wife!"
  • The entire scene with Cranmer, Cranmer's wife, and Cromwell. Seriously, just watch it and try and keep a straight face.
  • Pope Paul III greeting the news of more developments with Henry's schism with "Oh, that again."
    • Peter O'Toole's bone dry delivery is magnificent - oh, how we will miss him!
  • Henry's temper tantrum when he sees Anne of Cleves, storming through the palace screaming "I like her not!" and "She looks like a horse!" Made even funnier by the next scene of Thomas Cromwell and John Hutton trying to blame each other for the debacle.
    Cromwell: Your Majesty will remember that it was Sir John who described her as being like a...
    Hutton: I never saw her properly, which was not my fault! I carried out my commission as best I could, and I told you I was no good with women!