Funny / The Shape of the Nightmare to Come

Even in a dark story such as this one, there are still a few moments of hilarity. The fact that the whole story is filled with the bleak, harsh hopelessness of Warhammer 40,000 ramped Up to 11 make them stand out all the more.

  • On the detail of how the "Webway Waaaagh" started, the narrator says the Orks assaulted a maiden world. The kicker here is where he describes the name of the planet: "Fourst-K’tikaritix-HeHet Mudastiron (or ‘pretty wurld’ to the Orks)."
  • Section 15: after a failed Dark Eldar assassination attempt Biel-Tan received a cask of Commoraghan wine (unpoisoned even)and a note from Vect himself congratulating them on having such a "exquisitely brutal" mistress as their leader and wished them luck in their war with the Mon'keigh.