Funny: The Scorpion King

  • Memnon's Guards can be heard heading towards Mathayus and his young guide.
    Mathayus: Get ready! I'll kill half, you kill half! (the kid stares at him like he's crazy)
    Mathayus: All right. I'll kill them all!
    Street Urchin: (tugs on Mathayus' arm) Why don't we go around them and not kill anybody?!
  • "It is not the size of the hump, but the motion of the camel!"
    • Say what now?
  • Just after Mathayus rescues Jesup from certain death.
    Mathayus: You're lucky we have the same mother.
  • When Mathayus' loyal stead decieds he's to heavy to hold up anymore and sits down, just when Mathayus needs him to stand up as he's sliding down a rope!
  • When Mathayus and Balthazar have there big Fight Scene, also a moment of awesome.
    • As Mathayus tries to hold Balthazar back, he starts throwing things at him. In the end, he almost throws a chicken.
  • Gotta love this scene.
    Balthazar: You stay alive akkaidian.
    Mathayus: No need to worry, miss.
  • Philos is a veritable cornucopia of deadpan humor.
    Philos: Oh my. Are you going to kill me?
    Mathayus: (dismissively) Maybe later.
    • And not too long after.
    Philos: (flatly) You again?
    Mathayus: How do I get out of here?
    Philos: (pointing to door Mathayus entered through) Through that door.