Awesome: The Scorpion King

  • The Akkadian's very Badass Creed.
    Jesup: Live free.
    Mathayus: Die well.
    • Followed by...
    Mathayus: Live free.
    Balthazar: Rule well.
  • Always loved the scene when Mathayus lures the high ranking Mook Thorak and some of his crownies into a cave, then starts picking them off one by one by one.
  • Gotta love Balthazar's Badass Boast.
    Balthazar: Who dies first?
    • One has to remember that he says this as he's surrounded by a rather large number of soldiers - and wearing a dress.
  • "I've come for the woman... and your head."
    • The entire successive fight scene qualifies as this. Memnon's been introduced as the patron saint of Asskicking Equals Authority , while we've seen Mathayus devastate every single opponent he's had a shot at in the movie in a straight fight. When they finally fight each other, Memnon's lives up to his name and manages to defeat Mathayus in their swordfight, driving him back up a staircase with dual flaming swords. Memnon only loses once Mathayus gets a hold of his weapon of choice, the bow, and tears an arrow out of his back to shoot. And Memnon, who's displayed the skill to block arrows with a sword, just barely misses the bolt, and even then, he's not dead until after he catches on fire and falls several stories onto his own men.
  • Silda, the Love Interest from the third movie, besting One-Man Army Mathayus in one-on-one combat. Twice.