Funny / The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

  • The episode "London Town Treachery" had Dum-Dum in a hot air balloon with a pair of binoculars searching for Penelope. But the binoculars are still in their case. Clyde tells him, "It would work better if you took the binoculars out!" Dum-Dum does just that—only he's now looking into an empty case.
    Dum-Dum: It still doesn't work, Clyde!
  • Penelope calling the Anthill Mob to ask for help. The one who answers the phone says, "You don't say!" several times. Then he hangs up and Clyde asks him where Penelope is.
    "She didn't say."
  • When the Hooded Claw has Penelope in one of his traps (which involves a lot of fresh fish), he says that since he's in a good mood, he'll give her a blindfold. She replies by basically asking him for the means to escape.
    Penelope: I'd prefer a hairpin. I can't stand the smell of fish!
    Hooded Claw: I'm not in that good a mood.
  • After Penelope steals his hot-air balloon, the Hooded Claw shouts, "Help! Police!" then realises what he's saying and looks horrified.