Funny: Pepper Ann

  • "In Support Of", an entire episode based around training bras.
  • Almost every line Milo says is hilarious.
    • "Have you ever thought of bottling your sweat and selling it?"
  • Every time Milo's ungodly horrific work of art is seen in "The Environ-Mentals."
  • Pepper Ann throwing her shoe at a wandering marching band (twice) from her house and yelling at them as they run off, screaming, from "Mash Into Me".
    Pepper Ann: "Curse you, wandering minstrels!"
  • When Pepper Ann wants to find out more about her dad, she decides to look for the old love letters he sent Lydia when they were dating. Pepper discovers that all the letters have large chunks cut out of them, so she asks Lydia about what they said. Lydia is then heard leaving the house and driving far away.
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