Funny / The Name of the Rose

  • In the book, the debate about Christ's poverty that William was supposed to partake in quickly degenerates into vicious name-calling, sexual insults, and the kind of Ad Hominem and Abomination Accusation Attack that wouldn't look out of place on 4chan.
    • Around the time the debate collapses into a brawl, Alborea threatens to rip off the Bishop of Kaffa's beard and ram it up his ass. Not participating in the ensuing fight, William and Adso are free to continue talking - but in the background, Adso notices Alborea furiously tugging on the bishop's beard.
    • During the same debate, Minorite debater Jerome brags that he has "an argument that cuts like a sword." William quietly prays for Saint Francis to protect them all.
  • It's really horrible, but there is something terribly funny about seeing a dead monk's legs sticking straight up out of a vat of blood.
  • Adso's dream during Brother Malachi's funeral, which features every Biblical figure and every character in the monastery acting like something out of a surreal comedy.