Funny / The Last Dragon

  • Sho'Nuff's dismissal of Bruce Leeroy's reputed Kung-Fu Prowess:
    Sho'Nuff: The legendary Wassah! Bruce Leroy, catches bullets with his teeth... catches bullets with his teeth? Nigga please."
  • The call and response boasting of Sho nuff and his crew. Which leads to a hilarious moment in the Pizzeria:
    Leroy Green Sr.: I'm Leroy Green, who are you?
    Sho'Nuff: ::genuinely incredulous:: Who am I?!
    Henchmen: ::exchange hesitant looks:: Sh-Sho'Nuff?
    Sho'Nuff: ::waves them down with a "We're not doing this right now, guys." expression::
  • In response to one of Angela's music videos playing at Daddy Green's Pizza:
    Sho'Nuff: Who plays this garbage? (Turns to video playing) Shut up, bitch! (Sidekicks video player, destroying it.)