Funny / The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Hiromu Arakawa's Anime and Manga:

  • Elam and Daryun's stunned expressions when Arslan said he would make Narsus his court painter.
  • In episode 16 Farangis is saved by Alfried from an approaching rider. Gieve looks on with the most mopey face ever, sword in hand, while riders approach him.
    Gieve: "I was going to save her!" *slashes down attacking rider without even looking or changing his impression* "This is not funny."
  • Daryun panicking, muttering to himself that Arslan could've fallen off the fortress when he climbed across the balconies.
    Gieve: "Over-protective..."
  • Arslan's reaction to seeing Narsus' art for the first time.
    • Likewise, Jaswant's Heroic B.S.O.D. when he sees Narsus's painting for the first time, thinking it was details of his next strategy. He actually remains frozen in shock/horror in the same position for a few panels before Asrael appears.
  • Elam and Alfreed competing over who Narsus likes more, Narsus usually looks and sounds exhausted.
    • Naturally, there's once or twice where Daryun comments on how annoyed Narsus gets by all this.
  • Gieve goes to inform Farangis of some information while at Kashan Citadel, he decides to sit on her windowsill and attempt to be suave to impress her, her response is to stick her foot out the window and try to kick him off.
    Farangis: "The Djinn whisper to me to stick my foot out the window."
  • Elam informing Narsus (and the viewer) that he is incapable of even buying himself art supplies.
    • And then there's Narsus's sulking expression as Elam goes on about how he can't take care of himself at all.
  • Arslan's reasoning for bringing Elam on the journey
    Arslan: "If Elam doesn't come, who will make us such delicious food?"
  • When Arslan asks Gieve to help him read the scriptures of Yaldaboath, the first line says that "one should not give into the temptation that is woman." Gieve immediately tries to throw away the book.
    Gieve: "It is an evil book. We must get rid of it!"
  • The end card (drawn by Hiromu Arakawa herself) of the anime's season 2 opener shows Arslan and Etoile watching TV with his father showing up (specifically, the moment he breaks out of his imprisonment).
    Etoile: "Huh? Is that your pappy?"
  • Episode 6 is largely lacking in humor, but the utterly pissed-off face on Guiscard when he discovers his attempt to eliminate King Innocentis failed because the king is just so damn fat completely whips the mood around.
  • Near the end of Season 1, after Etoile is taken prisoner by Arslan's army, she comments that the other soldiers said that Arslan had horns and a tail in a way that makes him sound like an actual devil. Arslan replies that maybe they just haven't grown in yet, since he's so young.

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