Awesome / The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Hiromu Arakawa's Anime and Manga:

  • Silvermask fighting Daryun, Narsus, Farangis and Kishward alone in episode 13.
  • Arslan's group of six people taking on Kharlan's large army and winning.
  • The normally reserved and kind Arslan snapped when he saw that Daryun's life was in danger in the duel he arranged with Rajendra in episode 17.
    Arslan: "If Daryun should be killed by that monster, I swear upon the gods of Pars, I will have your head and that of that monster and hang them from the castle gate!"
    • The moment after this is the icing on the cake.
    Gadhevi: Lord Father, he claims to be the crown prince of Pars, and yet the way he lost his composure... How disgraceful.
    King of Sindhura: Ah, Gadhevi, if you were a man who cared for his men even half as much as this prince of Pars does, I would surely have made you the crown prince long ago.
    • Also, not only does Dayun win, the Sindhurian soldiers are so impressed that they start calling him by a high-ranking title.
  • The moment Arslan begins his Rousing Speech to his army to begin the battle of the Keep of Saint Emmanuel (with a determined Yasashuiin!) by the first-third of Episode 24, it unleashes the full might of his troops and his True Companions—all worthy of the series' climax.
    • The climactic duel between Daryun and Hermes is a surprising match both of swordplay and wits. That it ended with both of them sustaining mutual injuries actually adds to how dangerous these two are.
  • Chapter 30 has Narsus fighting against a sorcerer who Narsus could not see and had the advantage by diving under the earth. Narsus once again proves his greatest weapon is his wits as he finds a way to kill the sorcerer by setting him on fire.

Koei's Video Game:

  • The opening cinematic. One and a half minute of beautifully animated awesome, with Daryun kicking ass from on his horse with improbable dexterity.
  • Whereas the climax in the Anime has Daryun and Hilmes fight each other, instead Arslan duels him personally!