Funny / Heroman

  • Denton trying to activate Heroman.
    • "This is nonsense. This is complete nonsense!"
  • Every moment when Holly comes back home.
    • The first thing she does is putting Joey in a headlock. Afterwards, she ate Joey's favorite cereal and even try to enter the bath together with Joey. Joey's reaction is priceless.
    • He later goes to Psy's shop. The latter freak out and declare that the Nightmare has return. Cue him imagining his little self and Joey riding on a trolley pushed by Holly. The devil sister purposely crashed them against cans.
  • Every moment when Joey and Lina's date being stalked by Psy and the others.
  • The PRESIDENT going "Heck, yeah!" after Minami is beaten by Heroman. And then trying to act cool again.
  • Joey's response to seeing a giant Skrugg in Washington, D.C.? "Nothing surprises me anymore."