Funny / The Gamers

  • Oh, so much:
    "I backstab the book!"
    • Also,
      "I'm Mort Agrippa. You see, I summon zombie ninjas. Are they ZINJAS? Are they... NOMBIES? I don't know!"
    • THE TURKEY!!!
    • Hide behind the mound of dead bards!
    • For this troper, the funniest line in the whole movie was when Cass says the four natural elements alone are weak, but together they form the fifth, strongest element Boron. Which, for those of you who are not chemistry nerds is the fifth element on the periodic table
    • When they meet the Lord High Inquisitor for the first time:
    Flynn: "Hail, random, creepy knight-guy."
    Lodge: Dude. Bardic Knowledge.
    Flynn: "Right. You're totally..."
    Lodge: The Lord High Inquisitor.
    Flynn: "The Lord High Inquisitor."
    Lodge: Of the Holy Grand Illuminated Order of Therin.
    Flynn: "... What he said. Hail."
    Chibichan: "Look, dude, you can't harass the mascots, OK? [subtitle: Cease your chattering, manflesh.]"
  • In Hands of Fate, the Shadow's sarcastic bantering with the characters.
    Brother Silence: Shut up.
    The Shadow: I'm the antagonist. I can't antagonize?

    [Ruckus from outside their gaming room]
    Brother Silence: What was that?
    The Shadow: My minions. Minioning.