Headscratchers / The Gamers

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  • What's with the continuity between the first film and the second? How does Mark remember the murder of all his friends when Lodge seems cheerfully oblivious? Speaking of which, how is Lodge alive? Or did that all just happen in the game?
    • Lodge is a different character played by the same actor.
    • For that matter, how does Mark remember "The Incident?" He WASN'T THERE.
      • Well, either he saw or was told that his friends were all killed while playing the adventure involving The Shadow, it is so weird to think that he might have some emotions still tied up in that?
      • He came in right after with some pizza. "Hey guys. Sorry for leaving, I got snacks...OH MY GOD!"
      • Which brings up another Headscratcher : When Paula stormed into the gaming room at the end of the first film, how did she not notice the five dead bodies sprawled out around the table? I get that she was preoccupied with how pissed off she was at the constant disruptions of her studying, but five dead people seems like kind of a difficult thing to miss.
        • She might think that is just them playing again. They are gamers after all. Heck, the similarities between the player and the PC might have caused her to simply ignore regular human bodies and focus on the characters instead, who in her her mind are just the players dressed up.

  • The Legacy's ultimate goal is to make the game more like Poker or Magic. Why aren't they just playing poker or Magic? If they aren't as good as the competition in those games they have to realize they would be pretty quickly pushed out of this one as soon as it becomes desirable for pros.
    • They don't want it to be more like Poker or Magic, they just want it to have for-cash tournaments like Poker and Magic already have. It is possible that they just aren't any good at Poker or Magic. From what we see, the mechanics of the game they are good at are quite different from those of Magic, and very different from those of Poker. And they would, by definition, be more experienced in those mechanics than anyone who only joined the game after it went professional and they were lured in by the promise of money. Why spend time and effort getting good enough at an existing professional game to take on players more experienced than you, when you can just take a game you're naturally good at already and make that professional?

  • In Hands of Fate, the running asides dealing with Gary's obsession with hydra dong. Given that the legends only deals with severed heads growing back doubled, rather than limbs (which, granted, do grow back in some versions, just not twice as many as were cut off), there is a flaw in the logic he's using. Ok, I grant the colloquial term for glans could grant an exception, but it presupposes a mammalian penis, as opposed to the more thematically consistent reptilian...

  • Does it constitute a Crowning Momentof Heartwarming that Ryan loved Monica enough not to dump her sorry ass after she had him kidnapped ... ?

  • In Hands of Fate, the tournament rule that any character who dies in a game is permanently dead in the story comes into effect at the beginning of day 2, when there are still more than a hundred players left. So how is ANY character with a card that sees regular play still alive at the end? Especially with the Legacy intentionally killing them off to screw with the story fans?
    • Because the character is dead only for the player who lost it and not for everyone? This troper thinks the characters killed and lost by the champion would become the cannon at the end.