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Funny: The Full Monty
  • Oh so many, though special mention has to go to the repo men who try to take away Gerald's stuff, only to get chased away by five men in nothing but their underwear. That and Gaz and Dave making Gerald blow his interview with dancing lawn gnomes.
  • The guys doing the Hot Stuff dance in the dole queue when it comes on the radio.
  • The Driven to Suicide, as Dave shoves Lomper back into the car when he starts being annoying.
  • When Gaz tries to dance to 'You Sexy Thing' and only manages to throw change everywhere and burn himself with his cigarette whilst taking his shirt off.
  • Rehearsal failure: "That were crap."
  • "Gentlemen, the lunch box...has landed."
    "Did his bathroom" *Thumbs up*
  • Dave's "I'm not a chicken Drumstick Gerald" Followed by him trying the treatment with clingfilm.
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