Funny / The Forbidden Kingdom

  • Jackie Chan makes an awesome drunken master. But we already knew that, of course.
  • The Silent Monk stops Lu Yan from taking a sip of wine. "You consider it a sin?" "It's sinful to not share!" Lu Yan reluctantly gives the Silent Monk his flask... who promptly empties it because he just realized that he has The Chosen Zero to deal with. Lu Yan then grimaces at the empty flask.
  • Somewhere between a standard and meta trope, when Jason mentions Bruce Lee and his martial art "The Way of the Intercepting Fist" (jeet kune do), Lu Yan and the Silent Monk stare at each other and back at Jason, apparently utterly confused.
  • The Silent Monk randomly deciding to pee on Lu Yan. Turns out it was foreshadowing. It's just the dick move one would expect from the Monkey King.