Awesome / The Forbidden Kingdom

  • Jackie Chan and Jet Li finally go toe-to-toe!
  • The reveal that the Silent Monk is really a clone of Sun Wukong. The fact that Jason was taught by him was awesome.
  • Jason at the end using his new training and skills taught to him from the above duo and defeating the Gang Leader who had shot Hop even when he attempts to shoot him as well.
    • The best part though is after defeating the gang leader in hand to hand combat he tells him they don't have to do this, showing his maturity and how much he's grown during his training under both Jackie and Li.
  • When the Monkey King is released, he gives a line. Two words. Two words that make the Jade Warlord give an Oh, Crap!: "My turn."
  • The staff, an inanimate object, gets one during the bridge scene.