Funny / The Cat from Outer Space

  • Jakes's communication to the "Mother Ship" at the start of the movie: Gallows Humor? check.
    Mother: You'll have to effect emergency repairs yourself, and rendezvous with us at grid section 8304 at 69 hours minus 17.
    Jake: That's an awfully tight squeeze, Mother!
    Mother: Unavoidable Zunar, next mission to this galaxy due in 115...
    Jake: Days?
    Mother: Years. Good luck Zunar-J-5.
    Jake: Yeah, so long Mother.
  • When Stallwood uses his codename to contact Mr. Olympus. You'll notice Mr. Olympus only uses his far more dignified name.
    Stallwood: Jellyfish calling Olympus, Jellyfish calling Olympus.
    • Military codenames for surveillance:
    "Dydee-1 calling Big Cheese, come in Big Cheese."
    "Oh, here comes General Cheese... I mean, Stilton!"
  • "Any theories on what makes this device tick?"
    • Dr. Frank Willson - Mayonnaise? :)
    • General Stilton - >:(
  • So what's the first thing an alien from another planet says to a human?
    Jake: I think she digs ya!
  • When Frank uses Jakes spare collar to fly around the hanger. You can tell he's having a blast when he starts to fly around, he's like a kid.
  • Anytime some poor shmuck gets frozen by Jake, moral implications aside.
    • Especially when Frank uses the opportunity to steal General Stilton's uniform.
  • I ask you "Would a crook have a name like Honest Harry?" ...Uh, YES!
  • When Jake puts Link "through the wringer" in order to get his help, from making his beer jump from one glass to another to wrapping him up in paper towels.
    Link: (exasperated) What kind of a spaceship?
  • The fiasco at the Pool Hall when Liz first tried to play a pool game without Jake's help.
    • Of course, it gets better after Jake wakes up... which doubles as a CMoA.
  • The scene where the General gets mad at the computer for telling him that the alien pilot is a Felis Catus. Basically... A CAT!
    Stilton: This machine is having a nervous breakdown! (hits the computer)
    • Then the computer reassess the data and comes up with this:
    Confirm Prior Readout.
    No Alternative Explanation.
    Absolute I. O. ...
    Definitely A Cat ...
  • Once the army catches up to the group at the run down airport. Stilton and his men start to interrogate Link in Russian, German...and French.
    "Parlez-vous français?"
  • After Mr. Olympus and his men bale out of the helicopter, and leave Liz and Lucy-Belle behind. Liz watches after them and sighs.
    Liz: (rolls eyes) Swell!