Heartwarming / The Cat from Outer Space

  • Jake and Frank learn from Link that Liz and Lucy-Belle has been kidnapped by Olympus, who wants the power of Jake's collar. Jake wants to help save them, blaming himself for getting them involved in the first place. Frank won't have any of that and tells Jake that he has to get onboard his ship while he still has a chance to get back home. Frank and Link then watch as the ship takes off, only to discover that Jake had stowed away in their truck, willingly staying on Earth in order to help his new human friends. The fact that Jake just brushes off Frank's shock so they can focus on the rescue just goes to show how good a friend the alien feline is.
    Jake: Okay you clowns, let's move it. Let's go!
    Link: (happy) Jake!
    Frank: J-J-Jake! This is insane! Y-You're here forever! On Earth!
    Jake: You're wasting time; the airport!
  • The ending, turns out General Stilton is a good guy. He pulls a few strings, allowing Jake to stay on earth as the representative of a "friendly power". Jake even applies for (and is granted) United States citizenship.