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Funny: Caveman
  • The T-rex being whacked in the groin by Gog.
    • And the scene before where he rubs it and the T-rex moans in ecstasy.
    • Also when the T-rex gets stoned after eating the bush.
  • Tonga's surprise after Atouk tries to enforce Loving Force on Lana.
    Tonga: Atouk?
  • This gem:
    Midget Caveman: Doodoo! (laughs)
    Atouk: (surprised) Caca!
    Nook: (nonchalantly) Shit.
    • ... and the others promptly throw the midget caveman face-first into the filthy pile!
  • Whenever Tonga tries to hurl a boulder, it's too heavy and he falls backwards.
    • The second time he tries it, it isn't - but he forgets to let go and throws himself off the cliff with it.
  • Atouk and Lar vs. the (obviously, hilariously fake) giant mosquito. Atouk smashes the mosquito right over Lar's face, sending blood and guts all over. Directly on top of Lar.
  • A Nearby Ice Age. And the Abominable Snowman just wanted to make friends.
  • The carnivorous plant (just wanted to make love with Atouk)
  • This:
    Tyrannosaurus: RRRRAAOOORRRAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR (pathetically tiny burp)

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