Funny / The Cannonball Run

The Cannonball Run

  • Dom DeLuise's ability to become a One-Man Army every time he becomes Captain Chaos, putting on a costume and everything. Once he does it while he's driving a car, and Burt can only stare at him in disbelief.
  • The Blind Driving bit with the stock car.
    Mel: I can't see shit, can you?
    Terry: No problem. No problem.
    [drives into a swimming pool]
  • After McClure meets the doctor that Prinzim manages to scrounge up to ride in the ambulance: "Never tell me where you found him!"
  • The battle with the biker gang is a riot of slapstick.

Cannonball Run II

  • "Boys, I got one condition on your needs. I'm gonna give you the limo, but only if you take this hairy son of a bitch with you!"
  • The starting point of the race as the characters punch in their entry sheet and hit the road. One of the racers complains to the one in front of him telling him to hurry up. He insults back the the complainer has a monster truck for a car. You can pretty tell how that ends.