Funny: The Big Show

  • His match against Kurt Angle at Backlash in 2000. Angle proclaims himself to be possibly the only hero that the crowd has left. Cue Big Show entering as Hulk Hogan.
    • In the leadup to this match, Big Show interrupted Angle's abstinence campaign in the best way possible... by handing out condoms to everyone!
  • To go along with "The Showster", Big Show's run of impersonating wrestlers, from Booker T to DDP, was pretty hilarious.
  • The Big Show vs. Kane in a scientific classic (well, until Kane hears "May 19th"...)
  • His match with Cody Rhodes at Extreme Rules in 2012, particularly for the way he lost the IC Title. Near the end of the match, he steps over the ropes, Cody kicks the leg he's stepping with, which causes Big Show to literally step through a ringside table, breaking it in two, and technically it counted as him "going through a table." Show's "Oh, Crap" face is downright hilarious.
  • His One-Scene Wonder cameos in Jingle All the Way and The Waterboy.
    Giant Santa: I'm gonna deck your halls, bub.
    Captain Insano: I guarantee that guy's still a virgin! *cries laughing*
  • On 1/20/14: His perfect imitation of Paul Heyman's voice, high pitch, cracks, and all.