Funny / The BFG

  • The BFG lets loose a Whizzpopper...for the Queen of England. She takes it in stride.
    Queen: I think, on the whole...I prefer the bagpipes.
    • The live action movie makes it even funnier: the Queen herself and her entire group were the ones that drank the drink that causes it. The Queen still takes it in stride.
  • The maid, Mary's reaction to seeing the BFG.
    • Followed by the military leaders' reaction,
    At least that....Beat (BFG looking calmly at them)
    • The Seargeant's rather understated reaction deserves a mention:
    Blimey. He's a big fella, ain't he.
  • The nightmare the BFG releases among the giants and the giants' subsequent reactions to it.
  • Dahl's narration is funny as always. One line from right after Sophie is kidnapped from her room by the BFG reads, more or less: "And if you can think of anything more terrifying than that happening to you in the middle of the night, let's hear about it."
  • The Heads of the Army and Air Force having a childish argument over whether they should use guns or bombs to defeat the Giants.
    Air Force: Pow! Ka-boom! Bombs!
    Army: (makes machine gun noises) Kaput! Tanks!
    Air Force: Ka-boom!
    Army: Kaput!
  • The film version has the Queen's palace staff, who manage to completely sell their scenes as The Comically Serious. To wit, they take a 24-foot giant and his 6-year old companion, drinks fizzing downward and causing Fartillery, and said giant accidentally spitting an entire saucer of piping hot coffee on them in complete stride.