Awesome / The BFG

  • In the film, any of the scenes featuring Brits with Battleships (the Chinook sequences, and the ambush of the Paras) contain quite an amount of undiluted awesomeness.
    • Special mention goes to the SAS, especially their commander. To run towards a man-eating giant, which is beginning to break its bonds, to pull one of your own men to safety while calling in a net drop takes stones.
  • Unlike the other three adaptations of Roald Dahl's work made during his lifetime, Roald Dahl loved this one, even applauding through the credits at the end!
  • The BFG's showdown with the Fleshlumpeater. The BFG has been tormented by the brute for years and is obviously scared of him, being smaller and weaker. Despite this, he stands up to his longtime adversary to protect Sophie. Even better, he manages to defeat him thanks to a nightmare he had locked up.