Funny / Thank You for Smoking

  • All the MOD dinners. Especially when they are speaking about Heather's tits.
  • The conversation between the senator and the interviewer.
    "Care to comment, senator?"
    "The- I- Sh- No."
    "Eloquent in its brevity."
  • "The great state of Vermont will not apologize for its cheese!"
  • Aaron Eckhart's speech about who he defends, including baby seal poachers. Even the other two are somewhat disturbed by the last one.
    BJ: "Even I think that's kind of cruel."
  • As Nick, Heather, and Bobby head for the Congressional hearing, Bobby is stopped at the metal detector and insists the others not wait for him, as he is presumably carrying at least one concealed gun.
  • "Thank God we invented the... y'know, whatever device."
  • The American apple pie topped with American cheese (also a bit of an Hilarious in Hindsight as this was way before the "Tastes Like America" Denny's commercial). Extra points for being Chekhov's Gun.
    Polly: That's disgusting.
    Bobby: It's American.
  • Joey using his father's debating skills to get his mother to let him go to LA by basically calling her out on just using him as a prize to be won in a marital dispute this as well as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • The end of the movie, when lobbyists for fast food, nuclear power, and oil companies are added to the MOD Squad.