YMMV / Thank You for Smoking

  • Acceptable Targets: Politicians and lobbyists, naturally.
  • Crazy Awesome: Jeff, the movie producer. Best shown by this quote, in response to Jeff calling Nick at four in the morning:
    Nick: Jeff, when do you sleep?
    Jeff: Sunday.
  • Designated Hero: Nick. A lot of his speeches revolve around the fact that smoking is a choice, yet it's been stated within the film itself that cigarettes are addictive, making his statement come across as trivialising. There's also his argument that consumer products such as chocolate and cheese are also unhealthy, yet smoking can still be considered worse as it causes cancer and produces second-hand smoke that's harmful to asthmatics who don't get a say in the matter.
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: Practically Nick's M.O. He tries to give the appearance of not wanting people to smoke but his job depends on it, and his idea to put smoking in movies hinges off it.
    • Though interestingly, no one in the film itself actually smokes, which may be an attempt by the makers to avert this.
  • Fridge Logic: Will a "POISON" label on cigarettes really discourage teens from smoking? Wouldn't that be... cooler?
    • They actually do make a brand like this in the book with this line of thinking, and there's also a mention of brands in some European countries that had been doing this for a long time. They didn't want every brand to carry it, but in the book and in a deleted scene in the movie, Nick works with the marketing teams to make it work in their favour as much as possible, including an idea to have the skull match that of Mr. Rogers'.
    • In Real Life (as mentioned below), Australian law mandates that every cigarette pack has something similar, only with a disgusting image to go with the warning (and since 2012 all are in a plain pack). Unlike in the movie, the law focuses on making smoking look unappealing.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the previous film Katie Holmes appeared in before this, Batman Begins, she portrayed Rachel Dawes, the Love Interest of the title character. In this film, her character, Heather, has a sexual relationship with Nick, portrayed by Aaron Eckhart. Eckhart would later go on to portray Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, involved in a relationship with Rachel Dawes (though this time round portrayed by Maggie Gyllenhaal).
    • The "POISON" packaging that the characters work so hard to prevent? Similar packaging was put into effect less than a year later in Australia. Not much has changed.
    • One of Bobby's introductory lines, comparing something to suing Boeing for a plane crash caused by pilot error or General Motors for vehicular homicide caused by a drunk driver, sounds like he gave testimony for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Nick Naylor. As stated previously, he defends a dangerous product, but he is very suave and likable.
  • Refuge in Audacity: Again, Nick, by virtue of fervently arguing positions that his opponents presume he'd completely back down from.