Funny / Teacher's Pet

The Show
  • Mixed with awesomeness, when Principal Strickler gets upset at Mrs. Helperman because she's trying to incorporate as many other religions in their old school play in the episode "A Dog For All Seasons", Mrs. Helperman (Who is usually held back from getting too upset) ends up going on her own rant against Principal Strickler about how times change and how there needs to be updates in their old Christmas play, but still withholding back as much anger as possible while making her point. Strickler is left in awe after this.
    Principal Strickler: (Shocked and Sadden) You don't have to yell at me...
  • In The Flipper, when Scott refuses to play again Leonard in cards whose become the champion, Leonard calls Scott Chicken and goes....quack quack quack! Scott gives a "I can't believe I actually hang out with this poor guy" look and tells Leonard that he's making a duck sound. Nonetheless agrees to play against him.
The Movie
  • In the beginning of The Movie, Spot is watching Disney's Pinocchio when the Blue Fairy comes right out of the TV to grant him his wish. Then she starts hitting him with her wand.
    Spot: OW!! You're hurting me, dear Blue Fairy!
    Blue Fairy: (In Pretty Boy's voice) I AIN'T NO FAIRY! (Image changes to Pretty Boy) And it's time to get up!

  • Scott dresses up like his "mom", "sister", "grandma", and "uncle" to convince Mary Lou to take him to Florida with her and Leonard.
    "Grandma Leadready": Young lady, I missed my chance to go to Florida when I was the boy's age. And look at what a bitter old woman it turned me into!
    Mary Lou: Oh you must be Scott's gran-
    "Grandma Leadready": I CAN'T TALK TO YOU I'M TOO BITTER!