Heartwarming / Teacher's Pet

  • In 'Dogfight', while the 4th graders are understandably disappointed that Scott and Leonard lost a basketball game to the 5th graders by one point, no one chastises them for it. The cool kids even congratulate them on their near victory.
    Leonard: Wow, we almost beat them. Who would had thought that losing would feel this good?
    Scott: I gotta admit, it's a new one on me.
  • "It's The Season Of Love". Spot is miffed with the annual Christmas Play because Leonard gets the role that nobody likes (as it has just one line) and because he finds it not inclusive enough, and the principal (who happened to play that role and has a deep attachment to it) dares him to write something better instead. So he does... but he also includes the line the principal mentioned. Even better, while listening to it, everyone but the principal likes it, until said line turns up at which point the principal is in tears..
  • After Spot's "Squeeky Burger Toy" is accidentally sold at the Helperman's yard sale, both Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly feel bad about Spot's dilemma decide to buy him a new one online after they both obtained money from selling stuff online. It doubles a funny moment when they both try to outbid each other at separate times, not knowing that they're both trying to buy it (thinking that the other would be too selfish to use their money to help Spot)
    Pretty Boy: Spot, my canine compadre, your Squeeky Burger Toy is as good as replaced.
  • "A Boy Needs a Dog" from the movie. The reprise takes it Up to 11.