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Support Your Local Sheriff

  • Jake and Joe Danby's chat just after Mr. Danby's failed Jailbreak attempt.
    Joe: (about his father) He's got a heart as big as the whole outdoors, but he don't have one brain in his poor old head.
  • This exchange:
    Mayor Perkins: I wanted you to meet my daughter, Sheriff. She's a good cook, a mighty fine looking girl. Takes after her dear, departed mother.
    Jason McCullough: Mother died, huh?
    Mayor Perkins: Nope, she just departed.
  • The Brick Joke of Prudy naming her gold mine after the guy whose funeral was disrupted by its discovery.
  • Jake's mandatory last lines.
    Jake: Now the way this story ends... is that they get married and he goes on to become governor of the state. Never gets to Australia, but he keeps readin' a lot of books about it. I get to be sheriff of this town... and then I go on to become one of the most beloved characters in Western folklore.
    • Suuure Jake.
  • Prudy is just trying to make her way through town, except almost every guy along the way keeps groping her until she finally winds up in a fight in the middle of town, in a huge mud puddle, beating at people with a plank. When she sees the new sheriff, her first words to him, in that condition, are "You want to grab something too?"
    Jason: Everything looks too slippery.
    • When she later tries to explain the situation, he's completely nonchalant about it. It's something any young lady might occasionally find herself in the middle of.
  • The reveal at the end of exactly how the Mayor and Town Council were staying out of the way of the climactic gunfight: when Madame Orr's is shot by a cannon, they clamber out in their longjohns right alongside the girls.