Funny / Super Mario Sunshine Versus

  • The intro to the videos counts, being a dubstep version of Mario Sunshine.
  • Josh gets interrupted by his dad getting the vacuum in part 3 of his co-op vs. AttackingTucans's reaction says it all.
    • Then a few minutes later, Tucans's mom is heard saying that she'd break his phone if she ever heard him saying any bad words again. The funny part is the irony between what we know of her son and what she doesn't.
    • And now, in episode 20, Tyler tells us that he had to show his mother the first episode of the LP, and that he "grimpsed" (grimaced) every time he swore in the video.
  • When Josh takes too long to finish Episode 4, Tucans says he's gonna throw a pepper at Josh. He has Mario throw a pepper and go off-screen in the direction that Josh's screen would be once the whole thing became edited.
  • When "Team Chuggaaconroy" appears, Tyler reads out a comment he liked by someone who said they were on Team Chuggaaconroy because the alternative was "a choice between Team Obnoxious and Team Immature".
  • In one episode, Josh has trouble with the Sandbird level, before finally getting all the red coins. He jumps forward to get the last one, which is precariously perched on top of a tower. Mario freezes in mid-air during the Shine appearing animation, and Josh has an Oh, Crap! moment as he realises what's about to happen, and then he falls off the tower. Cue multiple Big Noes from Josh in the background while Tyler cheerfully sings.
    Josh: Tyler, shut up!
  • In Episode 7, Tyler adds a "Josh's Complain Counter" to the video, with ranks going from "Average" to "On His Period''.
  • In one of the episodes, Josh is carrying bananas to the fruit slicer for a blue coin, but they fell into the fat that can only be removed with yoshi. Cue josh just going 'my bananas!' for a minute straight, and going 'this shit is bananas BQLUFET!"
  • Episode 13 has two giant Epic Fail moments for Josh. First, he attempts to get the blue coin from the durian lady and gets three in easily...without realizing he had to talk to her first. Then he enters Noki Bay and spends about ten minutes doing the wrong mission before he notices.
  • From Episode 14, Attacking Tucans decides that they'll play the "Bop" game, where someone says "bop" after the other person says something, and they have to change what they just said. This leads to...
    Josh: I'm pretty sure you're stupid.
    Tyler: Bop.
    Josh: I'm pretty sure you're gay.
    Tyler: Bop.
    Josh: I'm pretty su-
    (fire alarm goes off)
    • Which also leads to this:
      Josh: I'm...killing myself!
      Tyler: Bop.
      Josh: I'm...fucking myself!
      Tyler: Bop.
      Josh: I'm...eating old men!
    • Josh does it to Tyler while he's explaining the rules:
      Tyler: Whenever someone says "Bop", you have to change whatever you just said.
      Josh: Bop.
      Tyler: You have to...kick a baby.
      Josh: (bursts out laughing) You're right, that is fun.
    • In another episode, they play 20 Questions. Tyler's word is dildo. Josh guesses correctly after asking two questions.
      Josh: I know you too well Tyler.
    • And in another episode, they play a game where they go through the alphabet and come up with an inappropriate word for each letter. These leads to them deciding that Lucahjin is a bad word and they spend the next episode using it as such.
  • Episode 17 has the Fluff failure, where Tyler falls off the Fluff that leads to the Shine after getting all 8 red coins in a very frustrating level. His scream is comparable to the Wicked Witch of the West melting.
  • Many of Josh's instances with glitches can classify as Crowning Funny Moments, but of those, his encounter with one in Episode 18 is likely the best. Normally, falling into a bottomless pit, well, kills you. Well, this time it didn't. He simply landed on the bottom of the level boundary and walks around dumbfounded for a good three minutes before exiting the level.
    Josh: I don't know how to react to this. I believe "Oh my God, what was the heck was the what the what the what?" works quite well.
  • Tyler gets all 100 coins in Pianta Village... and then falls off the edge before he can get his prize.
    Tyler: NOOOOOOOOO!
    Josh: That was a very fierce "no".
    • Well, Tyler did make some comments about a certain black Pianta beforehand...
  • Tyler tells a story. It's about Josh skipping through a dandelion field and sticking them up his butt because he forgot to wipe.
  • Throughout Episode 19, Josh and Tyler constantly lie to each other about how much progress they've made.
  • Josh starts making funny sounds in episode 20, and it's even funnier when Tyler asks if Josh is getting a blow job.
  • Josh's grandpa's apparent saggy man boobs.
    • Then after Josh's Dude, Not Funny! moment about Tyler making jokes about his grandma, Josh himself accidentally slips one out.
  • The ending of the LP has this moment, as Josh notes that Tyler finished the game within the episode's time limit.
    Josh: And you know what, Tyler?
    Tyler: Yeah?
    Tyler: That's so awesome!
    Josh: We both finished the game- I won, let's not forget that.
    Tyler: Dick!
  • They added a video with their top 25 funny moments as chosen by fans.
  • Near the very end, Josh pretends to propose to Tyler. But Tyler insists that he's saving himself for Lucahjin.
  • In "The End" video, Josh and Tyler reveal that they respectively came 11th and 13th in the top 15 competitors in their Versus project. Tyler reasons that since they weren't able to restart recording when they failed, and having no practise runs of the game, they really did the best overall. Cue Tyler's results changing to 1st and Josh's to 4th, including an A God Am I moment.
    • Also in the "The End" video, the loser gets five different drinks (chocolate milk, coffee, blue Kool-Aid, grape drink, and orange soda) dumped on them, and then they have to drink a combination of them.
    • When Tyler announces that his next versus will not involve Josh, the latter pretends to be majorly offended and proclaims that he will go sit in a corner.
      • And when Tyler asks for a drumroll before announcing who he would be racing against for the next versus, Josh pauses for a brief moment, not knowing what to do for said drumroll. He ends up typing on his keyboard to make it. It's funnier watching than reading about it, especially considering it came right after the above moment.