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Funny / Super Mario 3D World

  • A new power-up disguises your character as a Goomba, so they won't attack you. However, they don't seem to notice your legs clearly exposed. Even worse, they could be chasing you and suddenly stop because you donned the costume, even if you got it by killing another Goomba right in front of them. This speaks volumes about a typical Goomba's intelligence. When Rosalina wears the mask it's almost painful since there's a long cyan dress coming out from the head of the "Goomba", and they still suspect nothing.
    • When you crouch and walk with the mask, you make the Goomba walking sounds. When you crouch-jump with the mask, you make the Goomba jumping sound. And when you wear the mask as Toad, you can masquerade as a Goomba almost flawlessly throughout the levels it's in!
    • Which is even funnier if you take Goombella and Prof. Frankly into mind.
  • Bowser bottling the green Sprixie Princess in the opening scene.
  • Some of the 8-bit Luigi cameos.
  • Mario meowing like a cat is way funnier than it should be.
  • Cat Mario trying to sneak up and pounce on a bird in the second trailer.
  • Considering how reserved and dignified Rosalina is, just imagine her meowing like a cat, getting shrunk, and all the other hijinks in this game.
    • She can be killed by Goombas.
    • Not to mention that if she obtains a fire flower, her dress turns red with white trim, causing her to look sorta like Santa Claus. This has not gone unnoticed by the fandom.
  • How the Double Cherry Power-up came to be: someone behind the scenes accidentally put in two Marios, and then someone liked the idea and boom!
  • The final boss is Cat Bowser and its official name is Meowser.
  • How do you defeat Prince Bully, a large silver Bully that resembles a knight's helmet who also spits fire? Why, you force him through a pipe, squeezing him into a tin can, and unceremoniously kick him around. The garbled screams he makes while going through said clear pipes make it even funnier.
    • Introducing the new "Prince Bully Paper Towel Roll", available wherever "Super Mario 3D World"s are sold.
  • The Star World level "The Great Goal Pole" begins with your character right in front of the titular pole. In disbelief, you jump towards it, only for it to sprout wings and begin flying away from you. You then proceed to chase it through the level, with the goal pole repeatedly dodging to the side and making sharp corners to try and throw you off. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Start a Captain Toad level. Tap the jump button. Laugh as Toad quacks in a fruitless attempt to jump.
  • The Ghost Miis that you can race against will sometimes start crawling around like cats and what makes it funnier is that they are not shown wearing any powerups.
  • The Miiverse features in the game make for some funny comments and drawings.
  • Blocksteppers, who are marching soldier block enemies. When you attack one, the whole troop scatters in panic before remembering themselves and charging in unison.