Funny / Still Standing

  • Brian finally gets up the nerve to ask out Sarah, Lauren's tutor. She accepts. After she leaves the house, Brian goes into full-on celebration mode, spinning his baton and singing "She said yes, she said yes, she said yes!" As these moments normally go, Sarah, having forgotten her purse, walks back in, catches Brian's antics, and changes her mind.
  • One episode featured the parents plotting to steal The Who tickets, and a flashback showed them plotting... while Tina walks in, picks up a knife, and casually strolls out. Then her older sister walks in looking scared.
  • "Daddy took me to a bar once." "And GRILLE!"
  • In "Still Going First," Judy learns that she has extremely high cholesterol, which makes her think about her own mortality. She writes a beautiful, heartfelt letter to Bill explaining everything he would need to know in the event of her dying before he does. Judy then pressures Bill into writing a similar letter to her, and, well...
    Judy: Dear Judy: Snow shovels behind the garage. XO, Dead Bill. P.S.: Boo.
    Bill: No, no, you have to read it in a scary voice, like this: "Booooooooo!"
  • Judy tries to lecture the kids about underage drinking:
    Judy: You kids shouldn't be drinking alcohol. It's dangerous, and makes you do all kinds of stupid things.
    Bill (laughing): Hey, Judy, remember the time I got so drunk in senior year that I climbed to the roof of the school and—
    (Judy glares at him)
  • When Bill used a Fingerpoke Of Doom to knock Brian (who was wearing a suit of armor) to the ground then walking away and leaving him, only for Brian to squirm and panic trying to stand back up. Then Bill comes back with a beer and watches his son try to get back up, not even attempting to help. Then as Brian is almost up, Bill kicks him back down.
    Brian: Damn you!
  • After Bill catches a boy in Lauren's room (who's actually tutoring her in algebra) Lauren asks Bill if he can get the door on his way out. Gilligan Cut to Bill carrying her bedroom door down the stairs.