Funny / Starman

  • On learning what the traffic signals mean. "Red means stop. Green means go. Yellow means go very fast."
  • The starman's attempt to smoke a cigarette.
  • Starman's reaction to dessert. His face scrunches in absolute ecstasy (ooh, sugar!) and it almost in tears with how it tastes.
    • This leads to a nice moment later in the film when Jenny is describing how wonderful a honeymoon can be; after thinking a bit on how to put it so Starman will understand, she says it's "better than Dutch apple pie." Starman nods immediately, understanding without any problem at all.
  • Similarly, after having sex for the first time (ooh, sugar!), all he does is wear a goofy grin on his face for some time after. Granted, many guys have that reaction after good sex, especially if they're a virgin.