Funny / Starman

  • On learning what the traffic signals mean. "Red means stop. Green means go. Yellow means go very fast."
  • The starman's attempt to smoke a cigarette.
  • Starman's reaction to dessert. His face scrunches in absolute ecstasy (ooh, sugar!) and it almost in tears with how it tastes.
    • This leads to a nice moment later in the film when Jenny is describing how wonderful a honeymoon can be; after thinking a bit on how to put it so Starman will understand, she says it's "better than Dutch apple pie." Starman nods immediately, understanding without any problem at all.
  • Similarly, after having sex for the first time (ooh, sugar!), all he does is wear a goofy grin on his face for some time after. Granted, many guys have that reaction after good sex, especially if they're a virgin. It's fairly certain Starman has never masturbated, so orgasms are completely new.

The Comic Book

  • Starman #53. After his body is badly damaged and most of it replaced by cloned body parts, Jack Knight is more concerned over the fact that all of his tattoos are now gone than the fact that he nearly died.
  • Starman #60. Jack quoting another famous fictional space traveler right before he's teleported off of Throneworld, but disappearing before he can finish his quote.
    Jack: ''To infinity and beyo—
    Fastbak: What was that about?
    Tigorr: You got me. Jack Knight...A nice guy, but what a weirdo.