YMMV: Starman

The movie

The comic

  • Complete Monster: The first Ragdoll, Peter Merkel, was once just a two-bit thief whose gimmick was being triple jointed. Tired of being a joke, he decided to reinvent himself as a mass-murdering cult leader. Gathering together the lost, the homeless, the addicts together to fuel his growing ego, Merkell decided to revenge himself upon the world and directed multiple murders, making the streets of Opal City run red with blood, with Merkel indiscriminately targeting the innocent, with intent to target the innocent families of his enemies. Merkel took advantage of his hold over his cult to take sexual advantage of the women, and hideously abused the resulting children. His son, Peter Merkel Jr, was castrated and hideously scarred. His daughter Alex suffered worse. Having desired a little girl, Merkel subjected her to horrible sexual, mental and physical abuse. Merkel became despised until his death by the rest of the supervillain community for his treachery and depravity and stands as a unique icon of a former Harmless Villain becoming a genuine terror.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: This exchange between Alan Scott and Ted Knight about a former teammate of theirs.
    Alan Scott: Did you hear Hercules has Alzheimer's?
    Ted Knight: Hercules? Was he in the All Star Squadron, I don't recall?
    Alan Scott: Well, you know what...
    Both: Neither does he!
    • They both acknowledge that they're terrible people for laughing at it though, it comes through as a 'black humour' moment.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Shade and Mikaal Tomas.