Trivia / Starman

The comic

  • Exiled from Continuity: Jack's retired and Robinson actually has a contract with DC stating no one else may use Jack. That way he avoids having some other writer make drastic changes to the character or what not now his day is done. But he did bring Mikaal back for his Justice League run.
    • He has shown up a couple of times, but only in crowd shots at weddings and funerals, and an occasional flashback image. The last image of him is most likely Sue Dibny's funeral in Identity Crisis.
    • Notably, when the 81st issue was released as a Blackest Night "zombie title'' tie-in, Jack didn't even appear—it featured the Shade and Black Lantern David Knight.
    • Inverted with "Sand and Stars" where Robinson was very keen on making sure Wesley Dodds stayed in continuity since his book Sandman Mystery Theatre was placed in the Vertigo imprint where characters usually separate from DC canon.
  • Throw It In!: Robinson screwed up the title of The Picture of Dorian Gray in one issue, calling it "The Portrait..." instead—In story, it's revealed that this is Culp awakening and speaking through The Shade for a moment, having forgotten the real title.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Robinson had originally planned to bring Hawkman back from the dead as part of the larger story-line. Unfortunately, DC Editorial said no and Robinson substituted Black Condor in Hawkman's place for the final story arc.
    • The producers of Smallville had plans to adapt the series for television at one point. Eventually, the two-part episode "Absolute Justice" featured the JSA, including a Cosmic Rod-wielding Stargirl.

The movie

  • Actor Allusion: Bridges stated he based his performance on CLU from TRON, at least before he was captured by the MCP.
  • Life Imitates Art: GPS is fairly common these days, and heads-up displays for cars are rare yet not unheard of. A GPS heads-up display could be improvised with a smartphone or tablet and a few parts to simulate the map that "Starman" calls up in one scene.
  • Playing Against Type: Some people are surprised to know that this was directed by John Carpenter. In a DVD commentary, Carpenter reveals that the main reason he chose Starman was because he really wanted to do something different to revitalize his career, after the box-office failure of The Thing (1982) damaged his reputation in Hollywood.
  • Recycled: The Series: The short-lived TV show of the same name.

The Series