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Starcraft and Brood War

  • In the final mission of the Protoss original campaign, after Aldaris's acknowledgement of Tassadar and Zeratul as "representing all that is greatest in us":
    Jim Raynor: Great. Does that mean they'll send any backup for us?
  • Also in a cutscene
    "That's a zerglin', Lester. Smaller type o' zerg..."
    • In the same cutscene, later:
    "I love you, Sarge!"
  • This exchange from the Protoss campaign:
    Aldaris: Who is this human?
    Jim Raynor: The name's Raynor, pal. And I won't be talked down to by anyone. Not even a Protoss.
    Aldaris: Amusing. Tassadar, your taste in companions grows ever more ... inexplicable.
  • Try and get the various game units to sing...
  • Several Stop Poking Me quotes. The Observer takes the cake with the various transmissions it intercepts... from across the fourth wall!!!
    • This isn't Warcraft in Space!!!
    • The Siege Tank driver starts humming Ride of the Valkyries. (Don't ask me why the Valkyrie doesn't.)
    • The Goliath's Stop Poking Me lines "USDA selected"note  and "FDIC approved"note .
  • Ever tried ordering Devourers to Attack-Move against Carrier interceptors? Cuz it's frickin' hilarious.
    • A little explanation for those who haven't tried it: Carriers launch tiny Interceptors to attack, with the consequence that a mass attack command generally targets the Interceptors first (because they're closer). Interceptors are the fastest units in the game; Devourer missiles are gigantic blobs of acid, and one of the slowest missiles in the game. They home.
  • "The Khala awaits me Kerrigan, and though I am eager to rejoin my brethen you will not find me easy prey." -> Spawn Broodling
  • Episode VI of the entire 1st game has an SCV asking Sarah Kerrigan as to get him out of there after the player character successfully got all of the brood to Kerrigan's side.
  • The fact that a bunch of Marines can shoot down a Battlecruiser. Battlecruiser are enormous warships, while Marines pack somewhat oversized but still fairly normal rifles. In a saner universe those rifles wouldn't be capable of denting the Battlecruiser's armour much less shooting it down.

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