Characters / StarCraft

Characters include the following:

  • The Terrans
    • Raynor's Raiders note 
    • Terran Dominion note 
    • Ghost Corps note 
    • Other Factions note 
    • Independent Terrans note 
  • The Zerg
    • Zerg Swarm note 
    • Other Zerg note 
  • The Protoss
    • The Daelaam note 
    • Protoss Empire note 
    • The Nerazim note 
    • The Tal'darim note 
  • Other Characters note 
  • Co-Op Commanders

Alternative Title(s): Starcraft II Wings Of Liberty, Star Craft II Heart Of The Swarm, Starcraft II Legacy Of The Void, Starcraft I, Starcraft Units, Starcraft Novels, Star Craft II