Funny / Spring Awakening

  • The part in Latin class near the start when Moritz is sleeping when the teacher asks him a question, then later proceeds to sing the completely different in tone song "The Bitch of Living."
  • Moritz trying to learn some of Melchior's knowledge, and becoming increasingly flustered as he does. In the middle of "Touch Me", Melchior's mother assumes Moritz to be so flustered because he has read Faust; as in, upsetting fairytales.
  • When Hanschen offers to walk home with Ernst.
    Hanschen: "...maybe do a little Achilles and Patroclus."
    • In the revival, this line was said as Hanschen gets a very good view of Ernst's derrière as the latter bends over to retrieve his belongings.
  • Hanschen's pursuit of Ernst, the "pussycat" analogy.
    Ernst: "I love you Hanschen. As I have never loved anyone."
    Hanschen: "And so you should."
    • Additionally, this line just after the first kiss, which usually gets some laughs from the audience.
    Ernst: "Oh, God."
    Hanschen: "Mmm, I know."
  • Martha being the odd female teenager out and preferring "that sad, soulful sleepy head Moritz Stiefel" to the rebellious Melchior, much to the distaste of her friends.
  • When Wendla puts her head in her mother's lap and her mother throws her apron over Wendla's face.
  • Have you prayed tonight... Desdemona? Particularly in the OBC, where Hanschen's deep-ass voice is much too hilarious for the situation.
  • Moritz when he asks Melchior why he has such *ahem* dreams.
  • "Why am I haunted by the legs of a woman? By the deepening conviction some dark part of my destiny may lie there between them!"
    • His follow up about the sex-ed essay he asks Melchior to write him: "If you like you can add some illustrations in the margin."
    • Following his reading of the essay he loses sleep and laments "Last night I prayed like Christ in Gethsemane: Please, God, give me consumption and take these sticky dreams away from me!"
    • Not in the real production. But this Easter Bonnet performance shows why Grease and Spring Awakening, two teen-angst musicals, should stay apart.
      • Hanschen especially kills it.
    Hanschen: "I will be performing the hand-jive--"
    Auditioners: "THANK YOU."
  • Multum Olim? So you are saying Pious Anaeus has already suffered much in the days still to come?
    • Hanschen's derisive laugh after that.
  • A Funny Foreground Event coupled with a Visual Pun: in the revival, as Otto sings about how Mariana Whelan wouldn't return his call, Ali Stroker as Anna zips past in her wheelchair - wheeling by, to be precise.
  • Tony performance of the revival: Hanschen ogling Ernst, Mariana Whelan, and Bobby Maler in quick succession (he stared for quite a bit after Mariana).
  • Compare the first tony performance of The Bitch of Living to the most recent one. Looks like the word breasts can be said on television finally.
  • The entirety of "My Junk", especially when Hanschen starts masturbating to the beat of the song, and the girls dance around him.