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Trivia: Spring Awakening
  • Dawson Casting: Given the vocally and physically demanding roles, the sexually explicit content, and the fact that the main characters are all around 14, this was inevitable.
    • Averted by Lea Michele in the workshop productions.
      • Averted by Jennifer Damiano in the original Broadway cast, who was fifteen when the show opened (and was actually supposed to understudy Lea as Wendla until the show found out they couldn't have an actress that young perform in a sex scene.)
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Particularly die-hard fans are Guilty Ones.
  • Hey, It's That Guy/Girl!: The original Broadway production featured Lea Michele as Wendla and Jonathan Groff as Melchior (they are, respectively, Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James from Glee)
    • Jake Epstein is Melchior for the touring show.
    • Iwan Rheon played Moritz in the London production.
    • Hunter Parrish played Melchior in the last leg of the Broadway production.
    • Moritz in the 2001 Workshop was played by Eric Millegan, AKA Zack Addy from Bones.
  • Reality Subtext: The first person Moritz asks about his Erotic Dreams? His best friend Melchior. Even teens in current times are too afraid or embarrassed to ask their parents about sex, and considering Moritz's dad and Wendla's mother...
  • Romance on the Set: The main cast is played by a bunch of college-aged kids who spend all their time together! This was bound to happen. Numerous pairing have been linked throughout the show, special nod to Christy Altomare (Tour Wendla) and Gerard Canonico (Broadway Moritz) who met through Spring Awakening but were never in the same cast.

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