Funny: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

  • While Spirit and Little Creek are staring at the opposite side of the gorge with Spirit clearly meaning to jump it.
    Little Creek: Oh, no.
    Spirit: (thinks) Oh, yes.
  • The Musicalis Interruptus courtesy of Rain stopping abruptly at the edge of the Lakota village.
  • The moment near the beginning of the film when baby Spirit gets his tongue stuck on an icicle. His face is just priceless.
  • Baby Spirit and the herd of buffalo which are Right Behind Him.
  • The entire sequence with the blacksmith when Spirit is captured for the first time.
  • A Double Entendre in the Norwegian dub when Spirit monologues "Mares." after Rain's whinnied at him for nearly attacking Little Creek; the norwegian word for "mare" is also a rude name for women, pretty much meaning "bitch".
    • This is also funny because practically everyone who has ever ridden horses has had a "mares" moment, as mares are notoriously crazy/difficult.
  • Everything happening to poor Murphy Even the cavalry horses are laughing at him.
    • The gradually-increasing level of restraints used in an attempt to hold Spirit still long enough to groom him is hilarious in a No Kill Like Overkill sense.
  • How about that one soldier that gets knocked into a pile of manure during Spirit's escape?